Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hello beautiful people,

Let's dance in the car :D

Saturday, August 8, 2009

"Open up your heart, and let me in 
I am aching with love for you 
Open up your heart, and let me in , 
I am longing for you " 

oh ! by the way this fun , isn't this happy 

This stupid sickness shall be done NOW. yes ! nomo coughing that sounds like a man who just ate two chilidogs doing low growls and pig squeals. i'm very much over that . I shall get my license, finally go see all you beautiful people and whoever is up for a joyous time, or just would like me to pick them up i'd love to ! 
i have declared that many times, i know. i'm sorry for coming back sick and failing my first time, i just mess everything up don't i ! freakin......
even if school starts soon, it's going to be amazing. i think we should have a day where we always go somewhere after that school day, like every wedensday or something random in the middle of the week , or even the begining. something. but we should all go somewhere and eat and talk and make it a lil tradition type thing :D, i think it would be fun anyway. i'm not sure where though, i'm thinkin the OGarden baby .  if anyone would like to do that with me let's doooooo itttttttttt
And no doubt i'm going to be going to Sarasota alot, it's my home . so i'm thinking you should come with me ! and Charlie goes too . there's so much to do there.

i just erased so much i think i'm going delirious, i'm going to go now .
i love you guys so much 

"I will not leave you orphaned. i'm coming back. in just a little while the world will no longer see me, but you're going to see me because i'm alive and you're about to come alive. I don't leave you the way you're used to being left, feeling abandoned, bereft, so don't be upset. don't be distraught. I love you, I'm coming back "