Thursday, February 4, 2010


it's gonna be wild , it's gonna be great!!'s gonna be full of me"
dude, this is like Jesus singing it to you and when He's saying "full of me" it means full of everything He is..dang, like beauty and LIFE and adventure and craziness and PAINFUL moments but that birth AMAZING joy ! ahhh...that's so crazy.

HEY FRIENDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OH MY GOSH I MISS YOU SOO MUCH. you seriously do not understand how painful it is being away from each one of you..
I'm going to start blogging sometimes again i have ALOT to share, so i'll start soon.. I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH ! please know i'm available for speed dating on fridays and the second saturday of every month from 5-7 wait what ? yeh. I MEANT...please call me whenever, i miss the sound of your voices. and ANYTIME.

this song is so beautiful.

"Something keeps me awake, something outside is stirring
Through the dark and over the grass
The rabbits and snakes are concurring
They sing in the soil and bones rattle loud
They cry out as this they do see
Someone in those walls is suffering proud
For you are worth every ache within me

I don’t hear music, don’t hear anything
I see dirt, I see cement
What a troubled world it is when you’re outside arms length
It pulls out it’s teeth in dry irreverence

Come and find me on this floor
I am only a half, truth be told
Take away all the distance and say:
"my beloved, I’m here, and now you are whole"
If I turn and see your eyes in the dark I will know the blue in an instant
Never have they gone so far
Never has your face been distant
My life I will give you like a verse and a ring
I will be your only one
And what you ask of me will be yours until all is said and done

Your heart is a song that I hear Jesus sing
It comes over oceans to me
And the notes spell out messages in vibrant streams
And what’s written you show only me

But if you can’t close up all the gaps tonight
Put me to bed in your way
You see right through everything I am
For you my insides are displayed
Sing me to sleep my beautiful one
I will love only you for all time
Sing me to sleep my only one
With promises that you are all mine

Be still my heart, I hear your back cracking
It sounds like music to me
I see your face and I can hardly breath
It looks just like a song to me"

you're going to have hot husbands and wives.for real.

so i'll pop in every once and a while and post something. but-
YO I PEE PEE EVERY-DAY. FIRST IN THE MORNIN then on my way to work in the city cause that's where we get jiggy with our pee pee yall ( pee pee yall !)
...bursting into song. okay, I LOVE YOU.

And i know my hands are crimson, but i'm longing to be clean. in my mind i'm self emprisoned, but you set my heart free. and again my veins boil red, and again i abandon, again i betray. yet in your arms and in your heart forever i have stayed. Your glory illuminates my life, and no darkness will descend,for you have loved me forever, and your love will never end.

i'm going to get some strawberry ice cream, text winnie !
oh ! someone let me know who my celebrity look alike is, pees :D <3

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hello beautiful people,

Let's dance in the car :D

Saturday, August 8, 2009

"Open up your heart, and let me in 
I am aching with love for you 
Open up your heart, and let me in , 
I am longing for you " 

oh ! by the way this fun , isn't this happy 

This stupid sickness shall be done NOW. yes ! nomo coughing that sounds like a man who just ate two chilidogs doing low growls and pig squeals. i'm very much over that . I shall get my license, finally go see all you beautiful people and whoever is up for a joyous time, or just would like me to pick them up i'd love to ! 
i have declared that many times, i know. i'm sorry for coming back sick and failing my first time, i just mess everything up don't i ! freakin......
even if school starts soon, it's going to be amazing. i think we should have a day where we always go somewhere after that school day, like every wedensday or something random in the middle of the week , or even the begining. something. but we should all go somewhere and eat and talk and make it a lil tradition type thing :D, i think it would be fun anyway. i'm not sure where though, i'm thinkin the OGarden baby .  if anyone would like to do that with me let's doooooo itttttttttt
And no doubt i'm going to be going to Sarasota alot, it's my home . so i'm thinking you should come with me ! and Charlie goes too . there's so much to do there.

i just erased so much i think i'm going delirious, i'm going to go now .
i love you guys so much 

"I will not leave you orphaned. i'm coming back. in just a little while the world will no longer see me, but you're going to see me because i'm alive and you're about to come alive. I don't leave you the way you're used to being left, feeling abandoned, bereft, so don't be upset. don't be distraught. I love you, I'm coming back "

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hey ,I really like soup.


There is a light that shines within me
there is a hope that burns inside me
deep within my soul, my very existence
there is a being waiting to be freed

a child who knows no fear, pain, or rejection
there is an emotion all encompassing
of excitement, joyfullness, gladness, and love

with the creative potential of laughter
and the undeniable power of an infants joy live inside me
unmeasurable are my limits for i call you Father
unimaginable my potential for You have called me son

there is someone inside of me waiting to be unleashed
whom You embraced
whom i long to be

there is an all-consuming fire
a light that permeates from my very being
You have unlocked me God
and the doors You opened no man can shut

i will praise You for all my days for You are good
You have released me God with Your love
You are everything

Monday, July 20, 2009

I am a voice

Mission 941 was incredible, God is so faithful ! and so much happened on that trip, like crazy stuff i want to share with you guys sometime.
I love homeless people !
Hopefully getting my lisence Thursday, hitting up that 09 list with Arry and Pals !
and i have alot more things we can do in mind.
Me and Chawlie are doing a photoshoot for two people tomorrow, his photography is actually starting to become a business, which is so exciting ! and i love helping people get their hair and makeup ready.
i love running now
i can't wait for warped to just be over honestly, i'm ready to hit some good shows for real. maybe we shall drive to Georgia for the ATF across the nation tour,with emarosa and burden of a day and more :D i'm dying to see Underoath and Showbread and others as well hioefully soon por favor.
Sorry I had to say all that really fast, and i dont get on here much anymore but call me and we shall converse, glide in the ocean, eat lots of breadsticks, make fiiiiiyyyaaa !, eat m&m sandwiches, go kayaking!, dance in the street and stick frenchfries up our noses, 352-504-1026

I miss and love all of you beautiful people so much, let's go hit the beaches and go do treasure hunts, amazing treasure hunts Oh man.

Awesome spelnder, glorious majesty, faithful father..gorgeous face

Sunday, June 28, 2009

no i'm not dead
Though,  i'm dying to myself right now. 

my computer is a wee sick so i havent been able to blog like id like to on this one.

"If you listen just right, you can almost hear it.
The symphony of secrecy, love and fear.
(search for love, but finding fear.)

Like a moth to a flame, we become helpless
To the beautiful ghosts
That true love sheds.

We are all running our very own races,
Set out upon the most dangerous of places.
And through it all, we were left
With a void in our chests,
We're aching to fill.

The doves come
To gather our every need,
They lift them up to Heaven
Through the mouths from which we speak.

God, will you help us understand the meaning of it all?
Will you send your Angels down to us, at our every call?
Sometimes it seems the world is passing us
Faster than my eyes can adjust.

I can't decide
If I'm living or I'm dying.
So I test your love and I test your love, I test your love.

The doves come
To gather our every need,
They lift them up to Heaven
Through us now...
The doves come
To gather our every need,
They lift them up to Heaven
Through the mouths from which we speak.

Like a moth to a flame, we become helpless
To the beautiful ghosts
That true love sheds "

i hope you know, i love you guys 

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I am yours, you are mine

Summer feels like one reallly long day. not in a bad way really, it just does. Once i start driving soon, we need to get at the summer 09 list ASAP Arry ! Tomorrow should be fantastic, going to the beach with fantastic people, and The Front .
Here's a little somethin i whipped up for you tonight. It's just kind of an experiment, i played around with the effects and clips on my computer, it's short. I'll be working on another joyful one soon though .

No medicine ever works on my body . It's all good.
i'm going to snuggle up in my blankets, make a mini pizza and ice cream , and watch Benjamin Button . I wish people were here ,and we could have a movie night, and i'd make you mini pizzas and icecream :D

I'll be up all night, we should talk
if not, i love you , sleep well