Thursday, June 11, 2009

I am yours, you are mine

Summer feels like one reallly long day. not in a bad way really, it just does. Once i start driving soon, we need to get at the summer 09 list ASAP Arry ! Tomorrow should be fantastic, going to the beach with fantastic people, and The Front .
Here's a little somethin i whipped up for you tonight. It's just kind of an experiment, i played around with the effects and clips on my computer, it's short. I'll be working on another joyful one soon though .

No medicine ever works on my body . It's all good.
i'm going to snuggle up in my blankets, make a mini pizza and ice cream , and watch Benjamin Button . I wish people were here ,and we could have a movie night, and i'd make you mini pizzas and icecream :D

I'll be up all night, we should talk
if not, i love you , sleep well


  1. I really love the video.
    You should blog more often.

  2. I once again say that you should blog more often, and I will look forward to whatever I inspired you about, if you choose to post it, lol. :)