Monday, July 20, 2009

I am a voice

Mission 941 was incredible, God is so faithful ! and so much happened on that trip, like crazy stuff i want to share with you guys sometime.
I love homeless people !
Hopefully getting my lisence Thursday, hitting up that 09 list with Arry and Pals !
and i have alot more things we can do in mind.
Me and Chawlie are doing a photoshoot for two people tomorrow, his photography is actually starting to become a business, which is so exciting ! and i love helping people get their hair and makeup ready.
i love running now
i can't wait for warped to just be over honestly, i'm ready to hit some good shows for real. maybe we shall drive to Georgia for the ATF across the nation tour,with emarosa and burden of a day and more :D i'm dying to see Underoath and Showbread and others as well hioefully soon por favor.
Sorry I had to say all that really fast, and i dont get on here much anymore but call me and we shall converse, glide in the ocean, eat lots of breadsticks, make fiiiiiyyyaaa !, eat m&m sandwiches, go kayaking!, dance in the street and stick frenchfries up our noses, 352-504-1026

I miss and love all of you beautiful people so much, let's go hit the beaches and go do treasure hunts, amazing treasure hunts Oh man.

Awesome spelnder, glorious majesty, faithful father..gorgeous face


  1. Arrie I miss you sooo much ! You best get your license and come get me and we'll finally be able to go see Nitty and stuff :D

    !! <3 I love you

  2. YEH, definitely <3
    tommorrow is my due date !
    so we shall see if a license is born :D ...